Fausto Noce Park

Fausto Noce Park, a true green lung of Olbia, covers more than 44 acres in the very heart of the city: a place particularly appreciated by residents and visitors.

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Cabu Abbas Nuraghe Site

The nuragic complex of Cabu Abbas (or Riu Mulinu) is one of the most evocative archaeological sites in the municipality of Olbia and one of the most famous monuments of Nuragic culture in the north-east of Sardinia.

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Punic Walls

Like many of the Punic settlements on Sardinia, Olbia functioned as both a center for the collection of resources in the northeast area of Sardinia, but also as a hub of external trade.

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The Playa in Pittulongu

On the vast, captivating coast of Olbia, in the northeastern part of Sardinia, in between the Costa Smeralda and the marine protected area of Tavolara, lies the beautiful beach, symbol of the city

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