Pittulongu - Hamlet of Olbia

Tourist places: Olbia and Gallura

Museums and ancient Monuments

Archeological Museum (Peddone Isle)

  • Punic Walls (Via Acquedotto)
  • Roman Bath (Corso Umberto)
  • Punic Fortress of Cabu Abbas

Churches and Basiliche :

  • Basilica of San Simplicio Martyr of 11th century
  • Church of San Paolo Apostle of 18th century

Parks and Nuraghi:

  • Fausto Noce Park with 16 hectares of untouched green areas
  • Rio Mulinu Nuraghe
  • Nuraghic Holy Well of Sa Testa
  • Roman Aqueduct and Tank of Sa Rugghittola
  • Ancient Amphitheatre of Porto Rotondo

Main Shopping Streets  

  • Corso Umberto, heart of the historic centre
  • Via Regina Elena, centre of all commercial and tourist activities
  • Viale Aldo Moro,  the most insteresting street for shopping


From Olbia city centre, a few km away,  you can reach some beautiful small towns in Gallura at most in 30 minutes :

  • Porto Rotondo, 10 km away – 800 berths and 30.000 tourists each season
  • San Pantaleo, 15 km away, it reminds of a small dolomitic village with its “stazzi”
  • Porto Cervo, an oasis of luxury, 25 km away
  • Arzachena, a very characteristic village at the gates of Costa Smeralda

Tourist Guide Olbia, Sardinia. Attractions.

Fausto Noce Park, with its 18 hectares, is the largest urban park in Sardegna. In 2005 the Park ranked 2nd as best project for green areas in Italy.

Other interesting places are: Corso Umberto I, the traditional shopping street. The historic centre. Corso Vittorio Veneto, with its squares, green areas and bars. Viale Isola Bianca, with its green areas and promenades. The Marina. Viale Principe Umberto. Viale Aldo Moro, the new shopping street. Olbia Cinema Theatre. The new Theatre on the Gulf, the last work of the architect Giovanni Michelucci. Park area Bandinu. The National Archeological Museum. The new seaside promenade. The bowling alley with 8 rinks, playroom and bar. Discotheques and other night clubs.


Porto Palumbalza – Porto interno Olbia – Porto Spurlatta – Porto Punta Marana – Marina Porto Rotondo – Lega Navale Olbia -Marina di Portisco – Punta Saline – Punta Asfodeli – Cugnana – Marineledda.